Alexander Technique Brooklyn offers affordable Alexander Technique lessons, classes, as well as specialized lessons for musicians that embody the Alexander principles. Children and adults of all ages are welcome.

Hundreds of students have improved their posture, energy levels and overall health.


Alexander Technique has changed my overall awareness of my body and helped me to have better posture in everything that I do. I am a musician, and as such am often holding certain postures for long periods of time. Over the course of many years of playing music, my body became stuck in poor posture. Kristin is a wonderful teacher who has a very deep and keen understanding of the human body. She lead me through the process of correcting my poor posture and also to a better understanding of my body. Without Alexander Technique I’m certain that in the future I would have suffered from body pains and issues related to my poor posture. I can’t recommend Alexander Technique enough for anyone who wants to better connect with their body.

Cosmo G.

Kristin helped me through the difficult process of reconnecting my mind and body. Through Alexander Technique I’ve gained a better understanding of my body. I have not only improved my posture, but also have improved how I interact with the environment around me. Kristin is an expert with many years experience and helped to guide me in realizing the habitual bad posture habits and body tension that I didn’t even know existed with my body. I’m continuing on the journey towards a better mind and body connection with Kristin as my guide. I would recommend Alexander Technique to anyone who wants to have better conscious control of their body and improve there overall wellbeing.

Alex Y.

Alexander Technique changed my life, and I can’t imagine a more gentle and expert teacher than Kristin. Right from the beginning she was sensitive to my personal situation and welcomed my perspective about my experiences. I was in physical pain from habitual misuse of my body, especially in my profession as a violist. Over the course of many months she patiently guided me to a greater physical awareness and a better understanding of the powerful connection between the mind and the body. As a result, I’m in much less pain and have skills to alleviate discomfort, am much more relaxed and present while practicing and performing, and have a greater sense of spaciousness in my body and in my mind. Through it all, Kristin was supportive and inspiring, I couldn’t have achieved this transformation without her.

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